Persona 5 Field Creation

The only repository currently available for Persona 5 Field Documentation
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This page is an info repository with documentation I've gathered on editing/creating fields in Persona 5 over the last year. Please use the Table of Contents on the left hand side to find your desired info.
Please Note! This is a repository of info and not a tutorial on anything in particular! It is meant to be used as reference and documentation for Persona 5 Modders who already have at least some experience in this area and it is not for the faint of heart. If you have any questions ask around on the official Persona Modding discord and there will be those around who can assist you.

Important Notice

This has been written with the intent to be informative, but as format-friendly with screen readers and readability plugins as possible within the limitations of Gitbook to ease the experience for Neurodivergent people. Feel free to suggest edits to me on Discord for any edits pertaining either to accuracy of information, phrasing or accessibility.

Credits and Roles

This repo was made for the benefit of the community and couldn't be achieved without the research assistance and support from the Amicitia Modding Group. Thank you to all who have contributed in the last year and my personal love and respect to you all. ShrineFox - Mental Health Oomfie for the past 3/4 years and Resident Weed Smoker Jess - Enby with a cool froge SecreC - Roadmap Reversing, Shop Editing and CorpTBL Datamining KuroOkamii - Hit Table Preliminary Research and Material Analysis DniweTamp - Material Preset and Texture Quality Expert Lipsum - TBox Reverse Engineering and p5-ct Creator TGEnigma - Professional Software Engineer and "Dutch Man" DeathChaos - King of Ghidra and Affectionate Pain In The Ass Sierra - Env Template Creator and General Advice Base